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I AM KLOOT articles & reviews :

This section contains printed articles on I AM KLOOT from local and national sources, in chronological order. Remember, you can submit articles you have seen to the website by emailing them here.


NME 27 November 1999. Single review of "Titanic/To You".

NME 27 November 1999. Highbury Garage Upstairs gig review.

City Life Magazine Issue 399 9-24 Feb 2000. Review of "Twist/86 TV's".

NME 1 March 2000. Notting Hill Arts Club gig review.

NME 22 April 2000. Interview. (Thanks to Owen Jamieson)

NME 11 May 2000. Rota Club@ The Pool gig review.

The Guardian 13 May 2000. London Monarch gig review.

City Life Magazine Issue 405 3-18 May 2000. Interview with Johnny, Peter & Guy Garvey and Band Profile.

The Fly June 2000. London Monarch Review.

Secondary Modern Fanzine 29/06/00. Night & Day Cafe review. (Thanks to Mark Rezzano)