Single review of "Titanic/To You" by Piers Martin.  NME 27th November 1999.

I Am Kloot 'Titanic/To You' (Ugly Man)
Enchanting debut from a promising Manchester group who might just have heard one or two Go-Betweens albums seeping from the door of the local second-hand record shop as they trawled the city's streets in search of the same beguiling Manc spirit currently being touted by Badly Drawn Boy and, still, El Moz. Singer Johnny Bramwell need look no more, though, for both 'Titanic' and 'To You' are incisive, darkly humorous musings on the minutiae of life rendered listenable by their thinly veiled debt to kindred souls like Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen. It's hard to get excited about something so self-deprecating and determinedly bleak, but bloody hell, we're trying. They Are Kloot, then, and they are not to be confused with Klute, the veteran junglist.
(Piers Martin)

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